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This exciting two day event is taking place THIS WEEKEND in Edinburgh on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of September 2010 at The Forest Cafe (3 Bristo Place, EH1 1EY)


What’s Happening?

Saturday: Workshops will run from 10:30am – 7pm and cover a wide range of topics and interests (see below for workshop details)

Saturday night: An evening of music and entertainment will run from 8:00pm till late upstairs in the hall at The Forest Cafe.




Kuchke (polyphonic female balkan choir)

Italian revolutionary songs

Comedy with Liz Ely

Video art by Rachel Maclean

Spoken word readings by Anna and Marylou

The gig is BYOB (varied corkage charges apply)

Donations always welcome too!

Sunday: The day will begin with brunch at 11am and be followed by skill-sharing and workshops, finishing up at 7pm.


More Information

The event will be FREE, accessible, kid friendly, and open to all* Please contact us to let us know if you have any special needs.

If you would like to have a stall at the event please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to get involved contact info@ladyfestedinburgh.co.uk

* Unfortunately our choice of venue has been severely restricted and as a result we can not guarantee that all workshop spaces will be accessible. If this is something that would prevent you from attending the event, then please get in touch and let us know, and we will do everything we can to find a creative solution.

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The Workshops (Saturday & Sunday)

See here for the timetable (may be subject to slight changes)

What is Anarcha-Feminism?

There are many different kinds of feminisms; anarcha-feminism is one of them. But just what is it and how does it work in practice? We will explore these questions through a participatory discussion of our own interpretations of, and experience with, anarcha-feminism.

Feminism and Mental Health

A discussion on madness and civilisation and our experience of socially defined mental illness, ways to approach and heal ourselves, and placing these experiences in a political context. We will look at positive experiences that have helped us to contextualise various states of conciousness and discuss how these aspects an be neglected in capitalist society and how madness, creativity, and collaboration can inspire hope and transformation in an oppressive and damaged world.

Abortion in Ireland

A discussion of the struggle for the reproductive rights of women in countries where abortion is illegal.

Men and Feminism

What does feminism mean for men? Is it a threat or an opportunity? Is there space for men in the feminist movement? Does the left, and particulalry the anarchist and libertarian left, need a gender aware approach? Can men support feminism without dominating? Where does male priviledge occur? Can it be challenged? If so, how? A relaxed, facillitated discussion looking broadly at men in feminist movements. A mixed session, open to all, particularly welcoming self-identified men.

Women with No Recourse to Public Funds

No recourse to public funds is the UK government-enforced restriction on individuals subject to immigration controls. It is the cloaked devil which prohibits victims of violence, mainly women and children, from accessing services, essential to dealing with abuse. This will be a space to learn more about these issues from someone involved in campaigns to help people with no recourse to public funds.

Women and War

A discussion exploring the links between the state, war and gender. We will look at ideas on the origin of the state in relation to organised violence and gender and war – particularly masculinity, male fighters, and protected women and the challenges that violent, and military women pose, and also discuss current warfare and the implications of non-state actors in war, and ‘humanitarian’ war.

Feminist Direct Action

Direct action is activity undertaken to achieve political, economic, or social goals outside of the normal social/political channels, used by many feminist groups as a tool to achieve their aims. We will look at different types of direct action from all over the world, share tactics and direct action ideas, and discuss future plans!

Feminist Childrearing

How do you listen to your children? How do you speak to them? How do you guide children through the oppressive, marginalising pressures of our contemporary society? How do you answer their questions? An informal group discussion space.

Women and Sport

A workshop from the women involved in Edinburgh’s kick ass Roller Derby scene!

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory

Deborah M. Withers will present readings from her book Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory. Participants are invited to discuss interpretations and explore the possibilities of using theory to understand cultural texts and initiate social change. This workshop may extend till 7pm. For more information on the book please go to: www.hammeronpress.net

Feminism in Geek culture

Geekishness is often seen as a male trait, but what about the increasing number of women who identify as geeks? A discussion on women’s interactions with science, technology and fandom, and how geeks are challenging established gender roles.

Gender and feminism

Some would say that feminism’s goal is to break down the gender binary, creating a society which is free from gendered hierarchy where all people are treated equally. Queer theory acknowledges the myriad possibilities of sexuality and gender, and aims for a society where all genders are accepted or celebrated, without hierarchy.
In this workshop we will use our own gender identities as a starting point for discussing the history of feminism & gender. All genders are welcome, this workshop will be confidential.

International Feminist campaigns

A facilitated discussion group exploring the possibility of international solidarity in feminism.  Drawing from the facilitators’ experience in campaigns with/for women in the Congo, Afghanistan and Iraq, the discussion will look at the opportunities and barriers to working together across distances, whether physical, cultural or political.  The discussion will look at practical examples, and strategies for international solidarity, as well as highlighting the problems raised by international campaigns.

Herb Study

Herbs and their healing properties – a selction of dried herbs will be available to choose from as well as herbal medicine books to browse so we can discuss flavours, tastes, feelings and what has worked well for us in the past. The political importance of this can be wide-ranging as the rise in ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ medicines which might better just be called traditional/holistic medicine is a response to the limits, the effects and the side-effects of western bio-medicine and a return to, and reclamaition of, effective ancient healing practices.

Group Art Project

Come and explore the materials on offer in a relaxed space. There will be a focus of using different textiles to create a new cunt using felting and spinning techniques, however if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, feel free to create whatever you like! Paper and pens will be on hand and there will be space to discuss women in art.
* A giant sized cunt was made in february
by some anarcha-feminists but sadly got lost!

Stand Up Comedy Confidence

If you’ve always suspected there might be someone funny hidden (or not so hidden) inside, then take a sneak peek at the land of comedy. A fun and frolicsome hour messing about with stand-up in a friendly workshop whose only purpose is to make you happy!

Women in Singing

Jenny was Musical Director of Voice House Edinburgh, and runs a range of acapella performance groups across the UK including her current choir Wildnotes. She enjoys the challenge of taking groups of non-performers and blending and shaping them into a fabulous sound! Come and enjoy singing with a large group, no prior experience necessary, this is singing for fun!

Fanzine and Zine history

Hear all about the history of fanzines, from the very beginning in ancient Egypt to the present day. Compare some vintage and current editions and make your own page for our own Feminist Soapbox fanzine! Materials provided, bring along your fanzines to share. Includes and introduction to the web project ‘make your own herstory.’

Feminist Approaches to Body Image

All around us people’s bodies are under attack! The increasingly pervasive objectification of human bodies in the media and popular culture has allowed a single and dominant beauty ideal to permeate all facets of our lives. This workshop will be a safe space to explore our relationships to our bodies and discuss how we can deal with the day to day experience of objectification both on an individual and collective level.

Feminism in Comedy

Gender, feminism and comedy have an uneasy relationship. A lack of a sense of humour has been frequently used as a weapon against feminism and women in geneal. Despite still being a predominantly male field, more and more women and feminists are getting into comedy. Join this self declared feminist comedian to discuss the role of gender in humour, feminism in stand up, and why Jimmy Carr is an idiot!


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