May 122012

The next Between the lines: an anarcha feminist reading group is happening Thursday 24th May.

Date: Thursday 24th May
Time: 7.30pm
Location: 62 Marchmont road, Edinburgh
Researcher: Vanessa
Discussion: Sexism in Language

NOTE:  bring a laptop if you’ve got one!  As part of the discussion, we’re going to explore how sexism in our language and culture has been changing over time using this online linguistic corpus (just type in any words you want and it’ll show you how often those words appeared in google’s massive collection of books since 1800).  We’ll have enough laptops there for the break-out groups to use, but the more the merrier!

Reading:  Feminist meanings and the (de)politicization of the lexicon, by Susan Ehrlich and Ruth King.

Just read from the beginning through the end of page 64.
And optionally, the next section entitled “feminist linguistic innovations”.


To join the group please email

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