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The Edinburgh Anarcha-Feminist Collective exists as an access point for people wanting to find out (and let others know) about anarcha-feminist activities in and around Edinburgh.

Our aim is to provide a space to meet other like-minded people

From time to time we organise events, socials and free-schools to promote anarcha-feminst ideas and meet new people. Sometimes we support the work of other feminist groups in Edinburgh, like Ladyfest, to put on shows.

We do not currently hold organising meetings, but there are many anarcha-feminists in Edinburgh already organising, agitating and creating, and details of how to get involved in these activities are posted on our websites calender of feminist events on a regular basis.

This website is built on content from people like you! We want to promote anarcha-feminism in Edinburgh, so if you are organising, planning or plotting something in an affinity group or on your own, then let us know and we can publicise it (anonymously if you prefer) on our website and help spread the word.

If you have something to share with the anarcha-feminist community of Edinburgh, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email us at: edinburghanarchafeminist[at]

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