Zine Projects


The anarcha-feminist collective loves zines! You can find a great collection of anarcha-feminist zines at the incredible resource that is http://anarchalibrary.blogspot.com/

But besides reading other folks zines, we also like to make our own and we’d love to have your input!

Have you been to any anarcha-feminist events and have feedback you’d like to share? Do you have an anarcha-feminist rant you need to get off your chest? Got a cool image that should be printed and distributed? Let us know by emailing us with your thoughts, ideas and feelings. We’d love to hear from you!

At the moment we are working on compiling a zine to document ‘Reclaim The Night’

Following on from the march and workshops earlier this year, we are putting together a Zine exploring ideas of sex, violence and consent – and asking the question “What does Reclaim the Night mean to you?”. There are a number of submission that were produced at the event itself, but there’s still time to add your voice- in writing, poetry, pictures or a combination!

We need to have entries by August 6th 2011 in time for the Edinburgh Zine Fair which is taking place on the 7th at the Forest Cafe.

We’re also working on a zine about body image and the beauty industry. If you have any thoughts on this topic please get in touch!

Email us at: edinburghanarchafeminist[at]noflag.org.uk

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