Mar 222011

Public services are under attack. Nurseries and libraries are closing. Jobs are being lost.

Women will be hit the hardest with recent reports estimating that women will suffer 72% of the tax and benefit cuts.

We don’t need any cuts. The annual deficit is £70 billion but £120bn in tax goes uncollected, avoided or evaded by the rich. Cuts will only make unemployment worse and reduce tax revenues.

Women bear the brunt of cuts. Especially lone mothers and lone pensioners. Over two thirds of the £8.5bn cuts in the June budget came from women.

Cuts in social services and benefits hit women hardest. Women and children rely heavily on local services and on child benefit, tax credits, housing benefit and maternity pay.

Cutting public sector jobs means axing women’s jobs. We are two thirds of the public sector workforce, often part time. Job cuts will increase the deficit, damage the economy and increase social inequality.

Women’s progress towards equality is under attack. This government’s “Big Society” means more unpaid caring and community work for women who will be expected to fill the gaps.

For more information:

For Resources:

Feminist Fightback have created some great resources on the cuts, including a powerpoint presentation complete with discussion points and handout for running your own workshop on why the cuts are a feminist issue.

Contact feminist fightback or us if you would like to use these resources.

For action:

Join the Women’s Bloc

National Demo Against the Cuts

Saturday 26 March, London

Meet at Royal Courts of Justice 10am

Strand east of Aldwych, moving off 10:30am

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