On the 11th of September 2010 the Anarcha-Feminist Kollektive & LadyFest hosted “Herstory” A fundraiser celebrating radical women through the ages.

The event was held downstairs at Canon’s Gait pub on the canongait. It was very well attended with over 50 people taking part in the feminist quiz, mystery raffle and a few even indulging in the fancy dress element of the evening. People came dressed as Comandante Romana, Phoolan Devi, Mujeres Libres, Carla Lanzi, and Tank Girl to name a few!

The event served to raise funds for “Feminist Soapbox”, a weekend of workshops and entertainment due to take place on the 25th and 26th of September 2010. However it was also an opportunity to promote awareness of the very many female-identified people who have contributed to the promotion of revolutionary feminist ideas, but who are often ignored or marginalised in both mainstream and radical history books.

Thanks very much to everyone who took part in the event and lent their support to the kollektive! Because of you we are now able to fund “feminist soapbox.”

Below are some of the quiz questions we used. Feel free to take them, adapt them as you like, and re-use them at a herstory pub quiz near you! Even better, add your own quiz questions to the list using the comment box below, and we can make a massive feminist pub quiz!

Politics Round

Q 1. Which famous Russian/American anarchist declared ‘If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution!’ after she was chided by a comrade for her carefree dancing style?

(Answer: Emma Goldman)

Q 2. Which Spanish anarcha-feminist organisation was founded in 1936 with the aim of fighting the “double struggle” for both women’s liberation and social revolution?

(Answer: Mujeres Libres or The Free Women of Spain)

Q 3. Which member of the Black Panther Party became the third woman ever to be placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, for her suspected involvement in the abduction and murder of Judge Harold Haley with the Soledad brothers in 1970?

(Answer: Angela Davis)

Q 4. Comandante Romana was the name of an officer in which Mexican Revolutionary Army?

(Answers accepted: The Zapatista Army of National Liberation, EZLN, The Zapatistas, The Zapatista Army)

Q 5. Which woman was referred to as “The Bandit Queen of India” and was notorious for her involvement in a gang which allegedly stole from the rich and gave to the poor?

Was it: A) Phoolan Devi B) Karisma Kapoor C) Aishwarya Rai

Q 7. What does the acronym RAWA stand for?

a) The Radical Anti War Association b) The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan c) The Rebel Afghani Women’s Army

Q 8. What term was originally coined by the Daily mail newspaper as a derogatory label for the more militant members of the Women’s Social and Political Union in the early years of the 20th century?

(Answer : The Suffragettes)

Q 9. What crime did American activist Margaret Sanger spend a month in prison for in 1917, was it:

a.) Inciting to riot b.) distributing birth control information c) taking part in the women’s suffrage movement?

Q 10. Which co-founder of the IWW was described by the Chicago Police Department as “more dangerous than a thousand rioters?”

(Answer: Lucy Parsons)

Art and Literature round

Q1. Jane Austen wrote, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a
large fortune must be in want of a (what)?

Q2. who was the first female artist to win both the Turner prize and the K Foundation prize for worst
artist of the year; rachel whiteread in 1993 with her concrete cast of a house, or tracy emin in 1999
with my bed?

Q3. which mexican artist, known for her ‘surreal’ self-portraits, started to draw and paint while
recovering from a horrific bus accident?

Q4. what is the name of the feminist art collective known for their poster slogan ‘Do women have to
be naked to get into the met’? (clue: they wear masks)

Q5. which feminist artist wrote Scum manifesto and attempted to murder Andy warhol?

Q6. Writer and philosopher, simone de beauviour is famous for writing which feminist tract?

Q7. in 1928 Virginia Woolf embarked on a series of lectures around the theme ‘women and fiction’.
Amongst other things she argues for a space for women’s literature within the dominant patriarchal
tradition. Under what title was this series later published?

Q8. Alice walker has written at length on issues of race and gender and is part of the anti-war activist
group Code Pink. What is the name of the novel she is perhaps more universally known for?

Q9. which photographer and writer broke out of the 1950?s fashion mould to become known for her
unorthodox black and white pictures of outsiders and marginal people? Some titles include
‘identical twins’, ‘a young man in curlers’, and ‘jewish giant’.

Q10. which feminist playwright and performer wrote The Vagina Monologues.


1/wife 2/ rachel whitbread 3/ frida khalo 4/ the guerilla girls 5/valerie solanas 6/ the second sex 7/ a room of one’s own 8/ the colour purple 9/ diane arbus 10/ eve ensler
bonus 1/ amos mac 2/ red road

History round

Q1. Which of the English queens ruled during the 19th century and had an era named after her?

A. Queen Elizabeth I B. Queen Elizabeth II C. Queen victoria
(Answer: C)

2. Golda Meir was Prime Minister of which country?

A. India B. Israel C. Romania
(Answer B)

3. Which Egyptian Queen was immortalised by a famous statue?

A. Hatshepsut B. Nefertiti C. Cleopatra
(Answer B)

4. Catherine the great was Empress of which country?

A. Germany B. England C. Russia
(Answer: C)

5. Who was queen of Spain when Columbus undertook his voyage?

A. Juana II B. Dona Blana C. Isabella I
(Answer: C)

6. Who was the last queen of Hawaiii before it became the 5oth state of the US?

A. Kalakana B. Liliuokalani C. Aloha- oh
(Answer: B)

7. Indira Ghandi became Prime Minister of India after the death of her father – but who was he?

A. Navahahagiri Bukata B. Mohandras Ghandi C. Jawchouala Nehru
(Answer: C)

8. Which British leader was nicknamed The Iron Lady?

A. Anne Robinson B. Margaret Thatcher C Queen Elizabeth II
(Answer: B)

9. Which of these women became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Benazir Bhutto B Pewez Mushanaf C. Sheba
(Answer: A)

10. Which of these countries currently has a female prime minister and was the first country in the world to allow women to vote?

A. Switzerland B. New Zealand C. Japan
(Answer B)

Science round

Q 1. Which biologist wrote “Silent Spring”, a book that drew attention to the environmental problems caused by synthetic pesticides and led to a nation wide ban of DDT in the U.S.A in 1962?

(Answer: Rachel Carson)

Q 2. Who became the first woman to win a nobel prize, as well as the first person ever to win two nobel prizes, for their theory of radioactivity?

(Answer: Marie Curie)

Q 3. Which Italian scientist lived in the 12th and 13th century and is known for her works in the field of obstetrics and gynecology? She taught men about women’s health and wrote books which were used by physicians for hundreds of years.

(Answer: Trotula of Salerno, Trotula accepted)

Q 6. Jane Goodall is an animal rights activist and anthropologist who is renowned for her thirty year study of which animal?

a) orangutans b) chimpanzees c) gorillas
(Answer: B)

Q 7. Hildegard of Bingen born in 1098 is said to be famous for advising people to do what with water in order to avoid disease?

a) boil it before drinking b) Wash with it every other day c) Use it to flush away sewage
(Answer: A)

Q 8. Maria Mitchell was the first astornomer to do what?

a) Invent the telescope b) photograph the surface of the sun c) Discover solar flux
(Answer: B)

9. Vandana Shiva, eco-feminist an human rights advocate, originally trained and gained a pH.D in which scientific field?

a) Quantum physics b) Agricultural Systems c) Biological Science
(Answer: A)

Q 10. Mary Leakey was an archeologist that discovered fossilised footprints which proved what about our human ancestors?

a) They had only 4 toes c) They didn’t yet wear socks c) They walked on two feet over three and a half million years ago.
(Answer: C)

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