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Feminist Soapbox Press Release:

Feminists converge in Edinburgh for weekend event!

Edinburgh based feminists are organising a weekend event to take place in September. The event will see people from all over the UK come together to discuss feminist issues, share skills, and celebrate feminist fun, art, poetry, workshops and music.
On the 25th and 26th of September feminists will converge in Edinburgh to attend “Feminist Soapbox.” The two day event will create a space for the exploration and promotion of feminist ideas. The event will be free, child friendly and open to all.

The event is being hosted jointly by grass roots groups, LadyFest Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Anarcha-Feminist Collective. LadyFest is well known for its promotion of female artists and its involvement in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The main aim of Ladyfest Edinburgh is to create an alternative space for the celebration of female creativity.

A packed timetable of workshops will run from 11am – 5pm each day and cover a wide range of topics and interests, including; international feminist campaigns, mental health, reproductive rights, and gendered violence to name a few. However the focus will not be exclusively serious, with an exciting line up of entertainment including, stand up comedy, poetry readings and live music to look forward to as well.

The main aim of the event is to create a space for discussion of issues that no loner receive as much political attention as perhaps they should. “One of the reasons for this lack of focus”, suggests Marylou Andersen “Is that many issues that feminist groups in the 60’s and 70’s traditionally rallied around have since been assimilated into the mainstream and, in particular, have become a focus for many NGO’s. As a result, there is this attitude that inequality has been abolished and there is no longer a need for feminism.”

However, a simple look at the statistics would suggest otherwise. “Across the globe women do two thirds of the world’s work, but only receive one tenth of the world’s income and own less than 1% of the world’s property” Hillary Cornish informs us. “Women are increasingly sexually objectified in the media and this cannot be separated from the rising cases of depression, eating disorders, and violence, particularly effecting women, in our society.”

While the event is firmly a feminist one, the workshops and discussions are open to people of all genders. This is because “we believe that you can be a feminist irrespective of gender” states Sophie from the anarcha-feminist collective “feminism is the belief that all human beings should be equal regardless of gender, and anyone can subscribe to this point of view.”

The “Feminist Soapbox” is the first event organised collaboratively by LadyFest and the Edinburgh Anarcha-Feminist Collective. “We came together, because while our political aims may vary slightly, we think it is important to put aside small differences to achieve a common goal.” For LadyFest Edinburgh, the “Free-School” will mark the beginning of the first of many feminist events which they plan to organise on a monthly basis.

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