Oct 062012

‘She’s Pretty Good For a Girl’ is a project that grew out of one of the topics discussed at the Between the Lines reading group.

It’s difficult for women at every stage of becoming a musician.  There’s not enough role models, and the female musicians who are visible are usually airbrushed and pouting on the covers of magazines and album covers,  making young girls feel that they have to sexualise themselves to get anywhere.  If they do make it in to the local music shop they can expect to be patronised by the male staff, and then when they form a band, they end up forever playing lower down the bill while male bands headline.

The purpose of this project is to highlight the amount of sexist crap the average female-identified musician has to go through, by letting them tell their own stories.  We’re still looking for musicians (of all genders) to interview, so if you’re interested, get in touch!