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Mar 192012

The next DIY Discussion will take place on Tuesday the 27th of March from 7pm onwards. The topic of discussion will be patriarchy and we will be skillsharing drawing.

For more details email us!

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Mar 112012

The next ‘Between the lines: an anarcha feminist reading group’ is happening this Thursday 15th March!

Place: 62 Marchmont road, Edinburgh

Time: 7.30-9pm

Topic: Cyborgs, Technology and Gender

Researchers: Rhi and Patrycja


The main readings are:

and Cynthia Cockburn (to obtain this reading email us at

For the cyborg enthusiasts, see Haraway (link above), but don’t worry about this one, as we will look at a couple of pages during the meeting, and decipher collectively what on earth she is talking about!

Mar 082012

The next DIY Discussion will take place on the 13th of March, meeting at 7pm for tea, skill sharing singing at 7.30pm, and then onto a discussion.

Here is a write-up of last weeks DIY discussion where we began a conversation about radical consent. We’ll be continuing this discussion at the session in March, so if you’d like to join us you could have a read through what we covered or if you were there and want a reminder, hopefully this is helpful.

If anyone has discussion points around radical consent or exercises that they’d like to propose to the group that’d be great! and if you wanna feed anything in then email the organising list.

Please also email us for the address of the venue where DIY Discussions is held.


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Mar 032012

Twice a month we hold a discussion about an anarcha feminist topic.  We send out an article or book chapter beforehand and people read up on the topic before coming to the discussion.

Next discussion…

When?: 1st March 2012 at 19.30pm
where?: 62 marchmont road, Edinburgh.

Topic: Are the slut walks Empowering?
Ariel Levy, Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture: read the chaper ” raunch culture”

People of all genders, colours, backgrounds and sexualities etc are welcome.  We meet in a ground floor flat so access isn’t a problem.  We are open to new topic suggestions.

For more info or to join the mailing list email us at